Chernihiv Region Charity



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Foreign partners  

  • Charity “British Humanitarian Aid” (England)

  • Transport Company “Gist” (England) 2005-2013   

  • Charity “Magic Aid” (England)    

  • International organisation “Soroptimists” (Denmark)   

  • Charity organisation «Stichting Netwerk Chernigov» (Netherlands)   

  • Foundation Humanitarian Projects “ProForKids” (Netherlands)   

  • Charity association “Aratta’s Venner’s”(Denmark)   

  • Independent, non-profit humanitarian organization “Kofoeds School” (Denmark)  


  • Partners in Chernihiv
  • Administration of Family, Youth and Sport

  • Regional Centre of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth

  • Family and Youth Department of the City Council

  • City centre of Social Services for Family, Children, Youth and Sport

  • Chernihiv Regional Public Organization "Union of the Women of Ukraine"

  • Regional branch of The Children Fund of Ukraine

  • Youth Public Organization “Progressive Youth Center “Apelsin”

  • League of Business and Professional Women of Ukraine

  • "Obolon-Chernihiv"

  • LLC confectionary “Strila”

  • Joint venture LLC “Efes”, bakery “Nasha Bulochka”

  • Chernihiv Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Chernihiv LLC “Zhytlstrojservice”

  • Regional Public Organization “Parents’ Voice”